5 tricks students should use when writing an essay

When you are tasked with writing a paper it is important to note that a miscellaneous observation on your topic is not adequate to produce an accomplished essay. Your essay must have an argument. Your essay must answer a question or answer a few questions. It should try and prove something in the form of a single thesis. You can only prove something through reasoning and evidence which includes the presentation of examples and confirmed citations from the sources that you are using. Gathering proper evidence to support your thesis requires reading multiple pieces of text and sources with your provisional thesis in mind already.

Formulating a Thesis

When an assigned topic that you received does not provide a thesis your first effort should be to formulate a thesis, by formulating which questions you want answer within the confines of your acid. The next step is to develop a Provisional thesis or hypothesis by thinking, reading, and jotting down notes. Do not be committed to your first answer prematurely. Even if you have a provisional hypothesis you should test it and try and see what others might say against it to make sure that you were able to combat the opposition in an effective manner. Be prepared to revise your hypothesis or qualify it as you continue your progress. Sometimes a possible title is the only way that you can truly discover what topic you should actually cover and what thesis is best.


There are multiple ways in which you can present your argument that the organization of your essay is designed to present the argument in the most persuasive and clear fashion possible. The organization of your paper refers to how your essay begins, how it develops, and how it ends. The order in which you discover each of the parts that you were going to cover in the confines of your paper is generally not the order in which you want to present the information to your reader. Chances are you discovered things sporadically throughout the process and this is not going to make for an effective argument.

Early Preparation

Some of the most successful methods for writing an essay include early preparation. Many students don't feel that they are actually ready to write or that the thoughts they have are ready to be transcribed into a paper. But what many students failed to recognize is that simply transcribing the ideas you already have is a means of exploration through which you might discover the arguments you want to include in your paper once and for all.

The Introduction

The introduction is an important component to any writing piece.

You need to pay attention to your introductory paragraph because it is an important opportunity for you to provide the reader with a good first impression. The introductory paragraph should provide your reader with an idea of what you're going to cover in your paper and also show them how you're going to cover that information. You should be putting a disproportionate amount of effort into your introductory paragraph and if you do you will be rewarded.

Avoiding Passivity

You should avoid using passive voice in your introductory paragraph. Active voice is much better at crabbing the attention of the reader and making a powerful statement. Direct actions will help you to avoid unnecessary personal pronouns personal narratives and help you to hook your reader’s attention.

These concepts are typically easier in theory than they are in practice which is why regularly working on different sample essays that cover different topics can help you to create masterpiece after masterpiece.


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