A Handpicked List Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For 9th Grade Students

At every level of academia, there is need to make sure that before you can transition to the next level, everything is well taken care of. Writing is part and parcel of learning and its intensity increases with advancement to higher academic standards. To a ninth grader, compare and contrast essays are the order of the day. Definitively, these are literary pieces which require a student to tackle two issues at a time through writing. For example, if one picks on two components of the solar system, say planet earth and planet mars, one of the main considerations will be that does life really exist in mass. This claim will then be justified with among others things, life supporting things on earth. Well, you have got to craft a good essay of such caliber because it counts as one of the easiest you will ever come across.

Interestingly, not all students find it easy to come with good topics in the first place and as one may want to find out, is it lack of creativity of there is more to it? Fundamentally, topics are the anchors of a write up and so, one will always exploit the very personal tool of brainstorming to come up with a good subject to write on. However, with the existence of writing prompts that continue to flood the web, a lot of topics on compare and contrast writing can be handpicked. In this post, we therefore list some of the best for your ninth grade composition.

  • - To begin with, compare and contrast topics are all over the web, but what is important is picking on something that will elicit huge interest from readers. A topic like compare and contrast educational challenges girls in Syria and girls in Iraq are experience is something worth writing about.

  • - Compare and contrast the differences between Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama with regard to their political life and achievements

  • - Compare the contrast the influence of globalization in third world countries and developed nations.

  • - A compare and contrast essay on diseases will also be a good topic for a ninth grader and in this case, a comparison between Ebola virus symptoms and HIV/AIDS is a good topic.

  • - Compare and contrast child mortality rates in Brazil and India. This is also a good topic to look into.

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