Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Violence In Children

Video games and their effects on children has been a great concern for parents and teachers. It is believed that the nature of a game that a kid plays is likely to influence the kind of behavior that he picks. This has been greatly criticized primarily because of video games that have a lot of violence themes. Parents are afraid that children exposed to such games may turn to be aggressive. Many games are built in a way that a person will earn more marks or points when they are controversial. These games, therefore, entail being violent, destructive, breaking laws, inflicting pain on others and offensive. A lot of studies is thus being done to establish what kind of effects a game has on children. This is primarily focused on violent video games. Many a time’s parents forget the important roles that these video games play in the life of a child. Children that play video games more have been viewed to be quick in making decisions and handling situations. Video games also help children enhance their concentration skills. They should, however, be scrutinized to confirm if they influence kids in being violent.

Prolonged Gaming

According to research, children that play video games for at least one hour a day are not likely to pick any aggressive behaviors. They are therefore seen to be calm at times of situations than those that do not play any video games at all. Playing video helped ease stress and improved the mode of thinking and way of handling things. However, too much of anything is poisonous. Children that play violence filled video games for long are more likely to be aggressive. Those that play games for long times are likely to do badly in class than those that play for at least an hour every day.

Observed Behavior

It is not clear whether it is video games that influence personality or is it people of a certain personality that choose particular games. However, the truth is that youths are very keen to distinguish between fantasy and reality. There is, therefore, no way a kid will pick a violent behavior because he has been playing violent games. Although there are some cases, the percentage is negligible. Very few kids will be tempted to pick up habits because they have been playing video games. Violence is a choice and it is all about personality.


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