How Did Technology Play An Important Role In Winning World War II?

World War II (WWII) took place from 1939 – 1945 and ended in an allied victory. The question at hand is regarding the role that technology played during this period in order for the war to be won. Interestingly, there seems to be general consensus on the importance of Radio Detecting and Ranging (RADAR), its invention and use during this period. RADAR utilizes technology designed to receive radio waves reflected from a target and works exactly the same be it during the day or at night and in any kind of weather. However, some writers believe that too much emphasis is placed on it and the win cannot be attributed to it to such a large degree. However, considering that the Allies (Great Britain, France, the United States of America, the Soviet Union, and, China to a lesser extent) did indeed win the war; it seems quite logical to subscribe to the notion that RADAR is an invention that changed the world and won the war.

What made RADAR such an important invention is the fact that it allowed the Royal Air Force (RAF) to gain significant ground during the Battel of Great Britain. RADAR was used throughout Great Britain as the basis of an early warning system whose function was to identify incoming enemy planes (ibid). Essentially, RADAR gave the allies the ability to “see in the dark”. It also meant that land bases were able to detect incoming enemy planes and direct their anti- air defences accordingly. Additionally, RADAR was used as part of the offensive war strategies one of which includes the aforementioned see in the dark capabilities of the allies and the ability to see their targets even in the often terrible British weather.

Technology played an important role in the winning of WWII particularly because of the invention of RADAR. Without this particular technology it is difficult to see how else the war would have been won by the Allies.


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