Extraordinary Ideas For Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays are among the most complicated academic writing projects but they are, probably, the most interesting ones. In such a paper, you need to provide a point of view and support it with facts. It’s not an emotional appeal, it’s the appeal of facts. It can be an exciting experience if you have an interesting topic to explore and a debatable point of view to express.

Where to Search for a Good Essay Topic Idea?

What to do if you are told to find a good topic yourself? You have two main ways: develop it yourself after looking through reference information on the subject, or search for a good idea on the Internet. Both these ways have their advantages. If you develop a topic on your own, you can adjust it to the interests and the level of your audience. An argumentative project is a great tool to start an interesting discussion, in which everybody has a chance to speak their mind. Providing you choose to search for a good idea on the Internet, you may find a lot of inspiration and something you would never even think of.

At best, you can combine these approaches and finally come up with the best and most interesting argumentative paper topic that will win you the highest grades.

Debatable and Catchy Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Is it possible to outlaw drugs without making the black market spread even faster?
  2. Should marijuana be legalized not only as a medication?
  3. Does a woman have a right to resort to abortion?
  4. Should teenage girls have access to birth control means without letting her parents know?
  5. Should consumers be informed that goods they buy originate from countries that use child labor?
  6. Do beauty contests among children do them harm? Should they be banned?
  7. Does a religion or its absence have any effect on a person’s morality?
  8. Should death penalty be accepted or should it be banned everywhere in the world?
  9. Should girls be taught to wear less revealing dresses in order to prevent or stop harassment and sexual violence?
  10. Should all Web users be warned against online dating because of the danger of encountering a sociopathic person?
  11. Should advertisers refuse involving children in their products?
  12. Should alcohol and tobacco ads be allowed only in separate situations?
  13. Should all the journalists, news producers, and reporters be punished for being biased in what they throw at people?
  14. Should parents monitor their children’s Internet activities and relations?

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