Religion In United States Military

Over two and a quarter centuries, armed forces have played a vital role in defending the United States. Sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen and soldiers who gave their lives or got injured for the defense of their country often have been devoted to their faith in God. Military life is dangerous and tough. It requires an unusual amount of patience and effort, it includes mental, spiritual and physical, unlike in any other profession or occupation. Subsequently, it expected that those who pursue the occupation of the military must have a higher level of discipline than other people.

George Washington is considered to be a great example of an amazing soldier. He was exceptionally self-disciplined and sincerely religious. These traits were not a coincidence but they were self-taught or self- reinforced. In the case of modern armed forces or military forces, religious belief is not just a belief but it similar to the strand of a rope that balances with others while hugely enhancing the strength.

Life in the military of United States always had a strong component of religion in it, as Americans are considered to be genuinely religious individuals. A Strong component of religion in the United States has given a uniting effect. In times of greatest danger, it is a source of ease and comfort that the people with whom your life has been entrusted have a devotion to each other, to their country United States and to God. In simple words, commitment to the principles of God or the higher power enables to trust each other highly, especially among the associates of the military.

It is a source of great discomfort that in the last decade, research shows a rising amount of hostility towards religion within armed forces. Regrettably, stress to carry out an irreligious and anti-religious culture on the United States military facilities and amenities has strengthened extremely under the administration of Obama. This pressure is not only prevalent in the military but exists across all armed services. It has become very acute in the Air Force department of United States. Unfortunately, even high-level officers of Air Force seem to be cooperating regarding this type of effort, as a result military is also facing the effects.

This discrete turn of events is now presenting with a bigger threat to liberty of religious activity that for now is present in armed forces of United States. This example represents the small quota of the rigorous efforts to scrub religious repression from the military, due to which everyone is terrified of possible setbacks in careers and punishment.


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