Naturopathy For The Newbies


Naturopathy has been an interesting issue in the field of medicine. There are already medical practitioners who concur to its system and philosophy and even combine their own modern knowledge to develop a fastest way of healing. However, not everyone is aware regarding this field hence this essay is intended to make the newbies understand the basic background and philosophy of the subject. It talks about how a person can apply this ancient knowledge to the improvement of their well being. By bringing about the workings of the nature, it could help the readers realise that indeed Naturopathy has a place in the domain of healing.

Background and Philosophy

River ceaselessly flowing to the sea...

Egg giving forth to a new life...

Seeds growing into trees...

Flowers blooming...

Moon in different phase...

Body changing...

Those are the mysterious acts of nature. Amazingly enigmatic that up until now, the human being could not wholly comprehend the largest part of it in spite of the advancement of what they have called science. The Creator engineered everything in a way that the necessity of all creation has to be provided. The law of life which encompasses all creation has been concealed to many. Human being has to acquire knowledge and understanding about its own body, its workings and its relationship to nature and most of all to its Creator in order to fully realise its capabilities.

Nowadays, modernisation is being emphasized and along with it is the rise of stress in all aspects of life. Different kinds of illnesses proliferate every year giving space to suffering and fatality. Many are dying because of cancer alone, not to mention other illnesses which if examine thoroughly will lead back to the lifestyle of the person. This fact resulted to the revival of an ancient philosophy and healing system established through the belief that the human body has the ability to heal itself and that nature as Hippocrates said is the doctor of diseases. The method has been termed as Naturopathy, it sounds new but the practice of this healing system could be trace back thousands of years ago. As a matter of fact, long before the chemical based medicines have been discovered every culture in the world has already its own system of healing. In Asia, India and China have revolutionized the nature based healing system. China gives importance to the education of chi or life energy. They believe that life energy can heal all kinds of ailments. New age author Greg Baden has a video in one of his lectures showing how a tumour has been healed without surgery and medicine in just a bit of time. This way of healing is called ChiLel, a combination of 5,000-year-old idea of qigong and the modern medical knowledge of the doctor by the name of Dr. Pang. In India on the other hand, clearing of the mind through meditation has been a long practiced. Meditation could not heal illnesses right away but it disciplines the mind to think properly. Guided by a principle that inappropriate utilization of the human mind causes illnesses to the body, the followers of this principle believe that a regular cleansing of the mind is necessary. Further, yoga has been widely known all over the world for its ability to promote self relaxation. In the Christian tradition on the other hand, Healing Mass has been mostly attended since its conception. Extraordinary healing happens immediately without the consumption of medicines. Crippled walked home. Cancer survivors live longer. There are still many out there worthy of mentioning that are not included in the example but could confirm that indeed our body as part of the nature has the ability of curing itself.

Basic Practical Application of Naturopathy

At present almost everybody is experiencing stress that could lead to serious problem later on. Prevention is always better than cure and fortunately all has the ability to be a Naturopathy practitioner – a self doctor in ordinary term. Basically, it is not difficult to be a Naturopath and seems that all should learn to practise it regularly. Things to remember are just very basic which people have already known. These include the following:

Internal Aspects – things that an individual can do on their own that could be without the aid of others.

  • Proper nutrition. Healthy diet plays a big role. There are delicious foods everywhere but think for a while and ask: Is this good for me? Fruits and vegetables as have been taught early in schools are still and always good for the body. Notice plants, trees and even animals if they are exposed to chemicals that are not in accordance with what they are, they would obliterate
  • Exercise. Tai chi, yoga, pilates are proven to be provide body relaxation and promote well being, however different kinds of sports and activities such as walking, jogging, dancing and many more are also factors that play a role in maintaining good health. But remember that nature has been created along with the law of balance. Anything that can be out of control could create a possibility of illness
  • Pay attention to the thoughts and your reaction. Anger begets anger and joy lead to more joy. Be wise in choosing
  • Meditate. This helps to examine oneself and bring closer to the inner intelligence within you as part of the creation
  • Plant trees and organic vegetables
  • Manage yourself. This is the only thing you have enough control. External Aspects – include systems that have been developed for individual to rely with
  • Hyrotherapy (water theraphy) – there are already established centers offering this kind of service for a fee. Usually, the latest technology is incorporated to utilize the capacity of water to bring healing and relaxation
  • Traditional Chinese healing system such as acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbs
  • Hypnotheraphy and stress management
  • Massage
  • Homeophaty – system to stimulate immune system
  • Herbal medicine

Naturopathy is a simple way of healing yet very effective as this is rooted on human nature. Healing could only takes place effectively if it is based according to the natural component of a person. Hence, medical result from person to person varies because human being although termed the same, there are still other factors that affect to the total well being. Nature healing includes supreme forces directly from the Highest Being. Science of today is just still young to fully understand its power.


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