List Of Top 25 Popular Argumentative Essay Topics To Choose From

Working on an argumentative essay can be a highly demanding task to perform on your own. Thus, you’d better pick a solid topic when you are about to start the creation process. Writing about an appealing subject is frequently more manageable than focusing on any random topic. So, if you are going to give some thought to this decision, take a look at the following list.


  1. The importance of dealing with global warming in the next decades
  2. The main reasons behind the rise of the gas price
  3. Top arguments to pick an electric vehicle to move around in the city
  4. Best reasons to use public transport whenever it is possible instead of a personal car
  5. A study o how to become more pro-ecologism without compromising one own’s comfort
  6. Media & gadgets

  7. Top-rated mobile phones for all-rounder users in 2016
  8. The best tactile screen which will forever change your user experience
  9. The most popular social networks which will become more trendy in the following years
  10. The best ways to share information nowadays according to recent figures
  11. A complete analysis on how to become a tech savvy person by self-study


  12. A list of the most fashionable tracks in 2015
  13. The most useful gadgets to listen to music according to recent figures
  14. A study of the most popular rock bands which will become top trend in the future
  15. The best soloists according to user feedback on the Internet last year
  16. A short list of the most exciting video clips according to figures this year
  17. Politics

  18. The best reasons to support Pope Francisco’s initiative to reform old habits in out society
  19. The need for a change of Politics in the international scene in order to solve conflicts
  20. A story of the Sirian refugees: how are they going to survive the aftermath of the conflict
  21. The best reasons to adapt the European legislation to welcome Sirian refugees: is this only a moral matter?
  22. The main trends in European politics according to the recent elections
  23. Miscellaneous

  24. How to become a better writer by self-study
  25. How to become a self-taught coder for free
  26. There is no reason not to learn a new language
  27. How not to lose so much time doing assignments
  28. Become a skillful freelancer in less than one year

In conclusion, writing an argumentative essay is a compelling task to complete which should be organized properly. Pick a familiar topic which lets you make the best use of your knowledge and the information that is available online.


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