Italian Traditions

Italy is one of the oldest European countries. For thousands of years the peninsula was inhabited by different people, who left unique culture and monuments. Also they formed local ethnic group and the characteristics of the modern Italian nation.

In the Italian culture the man traditionally have higher ‘’status’’ and influence. Women are usually perceived only as ‘’the soul of the family’’.

Italians traditionally attach great importance to education, especially the university degree (bachelor or master). Over the centuries the position in society is determined by education. For example, even now if the person finished pedagogy - you should call him ‘’professor’’, the doctor - “Doctor’’, the coach - ‘’maestro’’. The education is very important for many Italians.

Italy is recognized internationally as world’s most important fashion ‘’capitals’’ along with France and now US. That's why its not strange the fact the Italians are passionate about fashion. If you are going to visit this unique Mediterranean country don’t be surprise that here even the military, police and doormen look like a picture out from a fashion magazine – here, the fashion its even not tradition, it’s a ‘’religion’’.

Italians - they admit only the best food! They know very well that every season match their specialities. That’s why they keep the traditions alive. So, at the end of the summer the whole family prepare tomato sauce (especially in the South, Sicily, Napoli and the small cities) - September is the month to go for mushrooms in the mountains (Milan & Torino), and in the very early Spring as a tradition all the families go for dandelion leaves, which give a unique flavor of green salads.

Basically, the secret of the Italian cuisine lies not only in the fact that all the ingredients are fresh and high quality, but also that all Italians, both women and men are excellent cooks. They learn cook from childhood. All the Italian receipt books for cooking are not that accurate as the British or American. For example they won’t say ‘’in order to take 150g’’, they would say take a pinch of that…

In fact, what is life without love? About this question we should all ask the Italians. 99% of the Italian songs are about love, ‘’Amore’’ devote endless debate for them. Relations in the Italian pairs are filled with love and passion. They don’t hide their feelings and don’t hesitate to show their love to each other, to speak words of love and arrange romantic gifts each day. Get daily compliments Italian women are always beautiful and men always maintained. Italians tend to love regardless of age.

Friendliness and sociability of the Italians knows no borders. Representatives of the Nordic nations as Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway with their stiffness always get surprised how the Italians tend to communicate. To start a conversation with stranger on the street for them is normal, also to smile and greet on the street going toward a pregnant women it is considered good manners.

Italy is a country with many traditions, incredible spirit and a lot of things to learn. There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful Mediterranean country. Pizza or shopping? Good conversations with local people, enjoying the sandy beaches of Sicily? Definitely, Italy is always a good idea, plus you can always learn something from the people’s mentality & traditions.


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