How To Come Up With Intriguing Essay Topics For High School Students

Coming up with essay topics in general for high school students that:

  • * Will engage them
  • * Get them talking
  • * Hasn’t been done to death

Well, it can be challenging to say the least at the best of times! Throw the word “Intriguing” into the mix and it is easy to understand why you might feel as though you are having a mini-meltdown! Whether, you are a student looking to come up with an intriguing topic for your own essay or a teacher desperately trying to source a detailed list of topics that will stimulate your students, I can help you with ideas on how to come up with suitable topics:

Build on established topics

Just like love and war, some of the most intriguing essay topics are the ones that have been around for eternity. Just because they seem to have been around forever doesn’t mean to say that you should rule them out. If a topic is enduring but maybe a little worn, then look for ways of spinning it to make it contemporary and in line with what your modern-day high school students would want to write about.

Ask your students for input

Don’t just dole out topics on an arbitrary basis as if were some kind of punishment. Working within your school’s curriculum, find out what makes each and every student ticks and then personalize the topics to suit them. Relationship building is critical to teaching and students that are fully on board are far more likely to remain engaged within the process.

Ask colleagues what works for them

Everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time. It’s human nature. Mix it up. Next time you are in the staff room or maybe having a few drinks with your colleagues ask them about the kinds of topics that they set for their students. You might be surprised by response. You might also find that the topics that you were considering are also right up their alley.

The Internet

Who doesn’t love the internet? If you are a teacher then you should find a plethora of professionally run websites that you can sink your teeth into. If you are a student, then again there are hundreds of websites aimed specifically at you and should help you find the inspiration that you need.


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