Impact Of TV Shows On People's Conscience

To begin with, an average American or European watches TV 4-5 or even more hours a day. Teens and young adults, housewives and men, who are bored after work and grab a bottle of beer to spend a whole evening in front of a TV - we know a lot of such examples. We see them everyday and, maybe, we are one of these people, who are keen on TV shows. And if you think it's nothing wrong with it - think once again. These 5 shocking facts about the impact of TV shows on people's mind and other facts about the role of television in our life will change the way you see it forever.

How does TV show influence your conscience?

  1. The impact of the TV shows on your attention is really huge. You won't underestimate it if you will remember how bright, fast and easy to follow these reality shows and TV series are. Your brain doesn't need to concentrate too much and get used to it after a while. Then, it's harder for you and your kids to read a long book or even a story and pay your attention in order to do something really useful.
  2. TV shows alter your dreams. One more sad fact about watching TV is that a show can program your dreams and affect the whole process of sleeping. There was even one study about the colorful and black-and-white dreams, where scientists found that monochrome dreams are actually old televisions' fault.
  3. It helps you to feel yourself less lonely. We all know these people who are so wrapped up in TV shows, they don't need anyone around. They are totally fine even without any friends and social interactions because the long TV show with characters you love can drive away feelings of loneliness and rejection. It's a scientifically proven fact. Which is, on the one hand, may be even useful and, on the other, quite harmful for the modern society, where it's getting harder for people to communicate with each other. Some studies also show that TV shows can convince people with low self-esteem and who have been rejected by others that they belong to some community and make them feel better.
  4. It makes you lazy and affect your imagination. As Roald Dahl wrote in his famous poem "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" about the negative effects of watching TV : "It kills the imagination dead!" It was in the 1960s, but the writer was right - after 50 years scientists proved, that TV viewing has a negative impact on your imagination and even makes you fat. The reason here is the same - you are getting lazy.
  5. TV shows make you more violent. Do you know, that an average teenager has seen about 2000,000 violent scenes (including 40,000 murders) by the age of 18. Where? Thanks to TV shows of course! And, regardless of the severity of the scenes, the violence we view on TV actually does have a huge influence on our behavior. Kids and teens suffer the most.

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