List Of 10 Discursive Essay Topics About Natural Disasters

If you are asked to write a discursive essay on natural disaster, you may become a little confused at the very beginning as there are many different topics to write on. Worry not, as I have handpicked some of the most high-scoring topics on natural disaster. Also, do not forget to check out the brief directions given under each topic listed here. This will help you in researching the topic in the right direction.

  1. Politics of natural disasters: Discuss with special emphasis on less developed countries
  2. Discuss how political agendas and vendetta slow down the process of recovery and rescue.

  3. The role of geography and income in increasing death toll
  4. Show how deadly natural disasters become on hilly areas and how lower income groups face the heat.

  5. How natural are natural disasters?
  6. Show how human factors contribute to the increase in frequency of natural disasters. Also, highlight on how rescue operations are stunted because of poor road planning, unplanned urbanization etc.

  7. Does economic development have a role to play in natural disasters?
  8. Analyze how rapid urbanization and deforestation contribute to natural disasters.

  9. Impacts of natural disasters at a community level
  10. Discuss how natural disasters change communities for ever, what initiatives are taken at the community level in the aftermath etc.

  11. Epidemics that follow natural disasters
  12. Find out what kind of diseases are most likely to spend in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Show how these epidemics can be avoided. Also mention preventive measures to minimise risks.

  13. Psychological impacts of devastating natural disasters
  14. How the harrowing memories of natural disasters, the sight of corpses and the loss of near and dear ones impact the psychology of a vast population? Support your argument with ample data.

  15. How climatic changes increase the risks of environmental disasters
  16. Demonstrate how climatic changes have increased risks of cyclones, landslides and earthquakes. Add human factors.

  17. Suicidal attempts following natural disasters
  18. In the aftermath of natural disasters, suicidal attempts and case of suicidal deaths start to increase. Analyse the possible reasons behind this phenomenon.

  19. Economic implications of cyclones in Caribbean Islands
  20. Collect historical data on natural disasters in Caribbean Islands and analyse how the successive natural disasters have affected life and economy in this archipelago.

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