5 Little-Known Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing

Essay writing is an art. You can never master it without knowing the rules, format and style. Many of us are born with writing talent. We do not have to bother for grammar or spelling errors. Still, we are not perfect. A chance of attempting a mistake is always there.

It’s not only about doing mistake, it is also about following the correct rules and format. Every essay is different. Depending upon the topic and category, it has to be written according to a certain pattern. For example, an argumentative essay can never be written as an expository one. Moreover a comparison one can never be written as a descriptive literature one. Similarly cause and effect, narrative and process are other kinds that follow a different tone and style.

You see, one has to learn about the rules and style. Moreover every institution demands a different format. The most common format that is followed is APA and MLA format.

Talking about a general format, typically a paper has five paragraphs. It contains

  • - An introduction
  • - A thesis statement
  • - 5 paragraphs
  • - Conclusion

In the conclusion you have to summarize the entire paper. It also includes your thesis statement.

In the body paragraphs, you have to prove your thesis statement right.

Thesis statement

The purpose of writing your paper is your thesis statement. What has forced you or inspired you. Why did you select this topic? The answer to these questions is your thesis statement. Try to be very precise while writing your thesis statement. For example, “Smoking should be banned as it causes lung cancer”. The statement is very simple, precise, to the point and clear. Now I would have to gather information relevant to my topic.

Selection of a topic

Be very careful while selecting a topic. If your topic is interesting you are more likely to write high quality paper.

Conduct a search

Before starting your project, you must conduct a research to collect necessary information.

Spelling and grammatical error

No matter, how perfect you are at writing, chance of spelling or grammatical error is natural. You could download a spelling checker software to avoid spelling mistakes.

Risk of plagiarism

Plagiarism checker software is also available. Copying someone’s already published work is a crime. If you have copied some text, try to re-phrase it to avoid facing plagiarism risk.


Proofreading helps in knowing and correcting your mistakes.


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