7 Questions To Answer In A College Essay About WWII

Writing great college essays is a significantly more difficult task than the one you knew in high school. There is a lot more research required, as well as more hours required to revise, edit and proofread your work so that it meets the academic standards expected of you at the college level. One particular subject, WWII, can add to the challenge because of the amount of content that exists. So if you have to write this kind of assignment you should know about these 7 questions you should definitely answer:

  1. What are the major events around your topic?
  2. Not everyone in your class will be familiar with the events that surround your topic, so it’s your job to provide some background information that places your original argument into some context.

  3. What events or issues pre-dated your topic?
  4. In some cases, it may be important to dig a little deeper and present some of the events leading up to your topic. For instance, you wouldn’t simply discuss the U.S.’s bombing of Japan with the atomic bomb without first discussing the events that may have influenced this course of action.

  5. Who are the major characters within your topic?
  6. Be sure to provide enough information on the major characters within your topic. Don’t provide complete biographies; do give enough content that the reader will understand what may have influenced certain decisions and responses.

  7. What open-ended questions exist about your topic?
  8. There are always going to be two sides to things, so you have to make sure you address what open-ended questions exist about the issues brought up in your WWII essay. Never assume the reader is already equipped to answer or even know these questions.

  9. Have you met the assignment’s requirements?
  10. Take a look at your essay prompt and make sure you have answered all of its requirements. It might be helpful to create a checklist and go over each one by one, highlighting where you address each within your paper.

  11. Did you find credible sources that are accurate?
  12. Your argument will be better suited if you use credible sources that describe events accurately. There are a lot of resources out there but you should stay within the confines of academic sources you found through library research.

  13. Did you accomplish what you set out to do?
  14. Lastly, reread your paper and consider whether you accomplished what you set out to do. Does your conclusion match the information brought up in the body paragraphs? Does your thesis statement need to be revised?

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