Creating A One Page Essay On Mahatma Gandhi: Professional Hints

Developing a one page essay on Mahatma Gandhi is a popular assignment that many students will receive when they are studying. This famous person had a big impact on the world and in order present him in a positive picture you must follow these hints.

Background and early years

The first step in preparing a successful piece of writing about a famous and influential person is to provide information about their background and where they came from. Background information on a person will help the reader to better relate to their accomplishments and to allow them better understand what the person is working towards within their life. Begin the writing by providing background information and you will be off to a successful piece of writing.

Successes and achievements

Once you have developed the background information on the person, the next step is to highlight their achievements and successes. This information is essential to a successful piece of writing to show why the person is important. Highlight major successes and tell why these successes were important to both the person and to society as a whole. Additionally, if there are other achievements that will help to explain the importance of the person make sure to include those in the writing.

Influence on society

The next step in a one page essay about Mahatma Gandhi is to highlight how his achievements and successes influenced society as a whole. Tell the stories about how his words and actions changed society and helped to improve life for others as a whole. Describe these influences and show how people in both local and worldwide societal groups were influenced by what he has done. This will be the most important part of your paper so make sure to focus on these ideas and emphasize the impacts.

Concluding statements and summary

The final portion of a one page essay that will make a lasting impression on the reader is to develop a strong conclusion and impactful summary. Use these section to deliver and reemphasize the main point of the article and leave the reader with a true understanding of how influential Mahatma Gandhi was on the world as a whole. This portion of the writing will be the last thoughts your reader has about the topic so make sure to be impactful so that they walk away remembering what you wrote.


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