List Of Winning Essay Topic Ideas For High School Students

Writing an essay can be fun, and even seem like less work, if you have a topic that genuinely interests you. You are expected to share extensive knowledge on your subject, so it's a good idea to choose something you're practically an expert on already, or at least something that doesn't seem like a chore to research.

Having passion for your subject always makes the writing easier. If you're stuck with something you don't like, it can make the work boring and long. Those are two words often chosen to describe homework, but it doesn't have to be that way in this case!

Whatever you decide, make sure that you only use facts in your essay. It's fine to be excited about your subject, but you have to back it up with facts. This isn't a work of fiction, so be careful when you're in the writing process not to embellish anything.

There are several different types of essays. You may have been assigned a specific one to follow. Whether you have or have not, this list has elements of each variety and you should be able to use them however you think is best for your type of essay.

  • Why should gay marriage be legal?
  • Do you agree with the death penalty? Why or why not?
  • Do actors get paid too much? What about other celebrities, or athletes?
  • A historical figure
  • Your childhood or present-day hero
  • Fast food – there are so many; you can focus on them in general or a specific restaurant
  • Is Facebook a dangerous place for kids to be?
  • A lot of students drop out of high school and college. Are those people making a mistake – do you need a high school diploma and a college degree to be successful in today's world?
  • How to transition from high school to college – what the differences and challenges are
  • How to reduce pollution and/or promote recycling
  • The stress that homework has on students and its effects
  • Should prayer be allowed in schools? Why or why not?
  • Why high school students need to receive work skills and/or life-training skills
  • A comparison of home-schooling and public schooling
  • The importance of sex education to avoid teen pregnancy or how to reduce the rates of teen pregnancy
  • American food versus food from a country of your choice
  • Do teens trust the government or police officials to keep them safe, or do they simply rely on their own instincts/intuition?

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