5 Precautions To Take Before Opting For Custom Writing Assistance

Your schedule is chaotic, and you feel you can’t handle it anymore. You have exams, tests, homework and assignments, not to mention your daily chores. How is any student supposed to deal with all this? Of course, it’s impossible, so you have to do something. The most easy thing to do is to get your assignments done by someone else, in exchange for money. It might not be the most ethical thing to do, but at least you will get rid of one problem without effort. If you did not use a custom writing service before, you should take some precautions:

  • Don’t work with independent writers. Of course, they charge much less than a company, but you can’t know for sure who they are. Anyone can make a writer profile on the Internet, and try to make some easy money. Even more, what if he will just disappear without delivering the content?
  • Ask for a contract. Large companies are perfectly legal, so they can sign a contract that will protect both of you. In this way you are sure that you are not getting scammed, that everything is legal and that they will not try to blackmail you. Read the agreement very well before you sign it.
  • Don’t many any upfront payments. It does not matter if you work with a company or independent writer. You don’t have to pay them any money before they deliver the assignment. You can never be too cautious about your money, especially when you have a small budget. Let them know from the beginning what you want, and when you want it delivered.
  • Don’t discuss this with anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a very close friend or colleague. This is not something to brag about, and for sure you wouldn’t want your professor to know about it. If no one knows about this except you, there is no risk for something bad to happen.
  • Don’t use your personal e-mail or account. If you want to contact a company on social media, make a different account. The same thing goes for your personal e-mail. If you are in a bad situation and a writer wants to blackmail you, he can easily do it if he knows your name, your school and even your friends. To be discreet is the best for you.

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