Essay Writing Prompts On Friendship: 22 Fresh Ideas

Friendship is very important in a teenager’s life, and you know this very well. This is why it should not be difficult to write a composition on this theme. The real challenge will be to find a writing prompt that will make your colleagues interested and your professor proud of your work. Do you need some fresh ideas? Here they are:

  1. The first time you considered someone a friend; how young were you?
  2. What is your definition of friendship?
  3. Is it necessary for us to have friends? Some think that people can live fine on their own, what do you think?
  4. Your best friend. Discuss about his qualities and defects.
  5. What is the first and last time you disappointed a friend? Did you feel regret?
  6. Talk about an experience you had with your best friend and how this made you feel.
  7. Having good buddies while you are a teenager is vital for a healthy adulthood?
  8. Can your colleagues become your best friends? Motivate your answer.
  9. When did you realize that friendship is important?
  10. What role school plays in your social life? Do you meet more people at school or outside the school?
  11. Should your parents agree with the people you go outside with?
  12. How much can you reveal about yourself when you talk with a close buddy? Do you think it’s fine to be completely honest with him?
  13. How often you ask your friends for advice? Do you count on what they tell you, or you take the decisions by yourself?
  14. Can you have more than one best friend? If you are in the middle when they have a fight, what should you do?
  15. What qualities someone should have to become a close person to you?
  16. What are the things that you could never forgive from someone?
  17. Ask your friend to describe you and discuss about this with your colleagues.
  18. What should a parent do if his child is hanging out with the wrong people?
  19. What is the worst thing that a buddy ever did to you? How did you move on?
  20. What did you learn from your best friend?
  21. Talk about a person that inspires you. He can be a colleague, friend or neighbor.
  22. Is it possible to hate someone that you once considered your best friend?

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