Ideas For Writing A Persuasive Essay: 20 Good Examples

The main goal of a persuasive essay is to show that one idea or subject is better than another one by using logic and reason. You need to use your writing skills to persuade the audience to adopt a certain position and/or take a particular action. To do so, you need to select solid evidence by providing examples, facts, statistics, and opinions. Choosing a good idea for your paper is the first important step to take.

20 Good Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get to Work

  1. Do different forms of social media create isolation?
  2. Should guns be banned on college campuses?
  3. Do the winners feel disappointed if every participant in the competition receives a prize?
  4. Do you agree that some people can no longer function without technology?
  5. Should sexuality and parenting be taught at home not in school?
  6. Do students require more sleep, as compared to adults, to function properly?
  7. Can the increase in the minimum wage help low-income workers get out of poverty?
  8. Does mandatory vaccination violate individual rights?
  9. Do security cameras protect people and private property effectively?
  10. Should people be allowed to keep dogs in an apartment building?
  11. Does a relaxed dress code create a more creative and convenient workplace?
  12. Should parents be allowed to choose the school menu for their kids?
  13. Would free public transportation help to reduce traffic in big cities?
  14. Is professional tennis dangerous for teenage players?
  15. Should governments close all nuclear power plants to ensure the safety of the nearby settlements?
  16. Are beauty contests bad for body image?
  17. Should higher education be free for students with outstanding academic performance?
  18. Should every student learn two foreign languages?
  19. Is country life healthier than city life?
  20. Should every family have a natural disaster survival plan?

Choosing a Perfect Topic Idea

While considering the aforementioned ideas for your essay, keep in mind that it’s easier to write about the subject that somehow interests you. Your readers should care about it too or else why to write about something that no one wants to read about.

Your task is to examine different sides of the issue and pick the position that you’d like your audience to agree with. It’s also important to choose a topic that you can find enough material about to support your thesis. In other words, ensure that you can research effectively in the time you have.


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