Best 3rd Grade Opinion Essay Topics About Military Service

Writing an essay in the third grade isn’t that hard, because teachers are looking more for honest, well thought out opinions than literary excellence. If you are helping a child with their military service homework, keep reading for advice on how to effectively do that. it does depend on the instructions from the teacher, but most assignments like this are pretty straightforward. As always, defer to the official instructions, but if you need some extra tips this is a great place to find them.

Writing opinion essays about military service

The first thing you should know is the structure of a basic opinion project and the method of writing it. You need to have these basic elements:

  1. Introduction stating your child’s opinion and reasons behind it
  2. Paragraph talking about perspective A and reasons behind it
  3. Paragraph talking about perspective B and reasons behind it
  4. Paragraph talking about perspective C and reasons behind it
  5. Opposing perspective and reason behind it
  6. Conclusion restating the writer’s opinion

With that in mind, you can start to research the aspect of military service your child wants to explore, or that the teacher has assigned for this project. It’s important to teach your son or daughter to dig a little deeper into each subject or opinion and find the reasons why people behave or decide things the way they do. The systems are there for good reasons, and it’s important to explore those reasons for greater understanding.

Topic ideas for military service opinion essays

Now that you know how to write this piece, you need some ideas for the best topics. Third graders have a lot of leeway in what they could write on, and it’s important to let them decide their own interests. Here are some ideas to start with:

  • - U.S. civil war
  • - WWI
  • - WWII
  • - Vietnam war
  • - Military education
  • - African Americans in the military
  • - National guard
  • - Naval history
  • - Soviet military history
  • - Chinese military history
  • - Submarine history
  • - British naval history
  • - Geneva convention
  • - Modern famous military figures
  • - Historical military leaders
  • - Future goals for the military
  • - Science and the military
  • - Cryptography
  • - Military medicine
  • - Medieval vs. ancient warfare
  • - Specific weapons
  • - Specific battles or wars

Think about each idea above and see how you can find a few opposing opinions on it to write about. Your child will be able to research and learn about this part of military service while writing the paper.


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