A List Of Controversial Essay Topics Related To Educational Leadership

Some people say that you have to be born a leader, while others think that you can become one. Either way, writing about leadership can be a real trouble especially when there are other elements involved. When it comes to education, the leaders need to know how to motivate others and how to make them wish to know more. These are some great topics on this theme:

  • The qualities of a leader. In order for a person to lead others, he needs to be capable and patient. Even more, he needs to be able to deal with everyone’s problems, while still focusing on the main goal of the team.
  • The impact of professors. Not many people realize how much a student can be influenced by a good or bad professor. This can dictate his future attitude towards education or a certain niche, and it can transform him into a responsible adult.
  • Teachers and parents. Very often they have conflicts regarding the education of the student. Since both of them are leaders for the child, how should they behave? Can they get better results if they work together? This website can assist with more information on this topic.
  • What is educational leadership? Some of your colleagues might not understand this concept, so you can explain it to them. Give examples from real life and show them how important it is to have a good leader.
  • Teachers and their behavior outside school. In general, professors avoid to communicate with students outside school because they don’t want to lose their authority. However, there are studies proving that professors who are close to their students outside the school get better results and they can motivate them easier.
  • Motivation. How can a teacher convince the students that they should work more and give everything they have? Nowadays teenagers are influenced by the media and the technology, so they are not as interested in school as they used to be.
  • Attitude. In order to respect someone as a leader, he should be friendly or work as any other member of the team? This, of course, depends from situation to situation but you can make a small experiment and present it in your composition. For example, you can see how students react when they talk with a severe teacher and when they talk to a friendly one.

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