Discipline Employees

Having disciplined employees is not only necessary for good productivity, but it is also very important in maintaining the reputation of one's company. Being a boss is a tough job but a boss must be strict and friendly at the same time. An employee is responsible for making sure that the given work meets the deadline, and for this the employee should maintain punctuality; it is the duty and responsibility of the boss or the head of the company to keep the employees disciplined and punctual. A boss should feel free to discuss the problems and way of management with the employees.

All the employees should be treated in the same way and there must not be any priority complex between the employees, as this can create superiority or inferiority status that might give a chance to the superior employees to bully the inferior ones. The boss must not be too friendly with the employees and maintain a status so that they don't forget who the boss is. Extreme strictness is also not a very good idea as this can prevent the employees from discussing their point of views or problems with the head. The head should to understand the difference between misconduct and deficiency as this will give the head to deal better with the particular situation.

The head can ask the employees to go through the company's disciplinary policy in addressing the employees about the various disciplinary problems. In case there is no such policy, then one can create a new policy. Having a disciplinary policy can be very helpful not only in sorting out the problems, but it also enhances the company's rules and values based on the behavior of the employees. This could be very helpful in figuring out problematic situations even in the future and bringing the employees in the right track so that the misconducts are lessened.

The most important thing is to get face-to-face with the employees. The boss should often plan meetings with the employees to discuss about the various problems, deficiencies and misconducts and sort out together. Firing an employee for a little mistake or misbehavior is not a good idea as the employee might be a talented one; but the mistakes also cannot be ignored at one hand as this can give the employee freedom to repeat the same. So, the boss must either give a verbal warning or can also take a written statement from the employee. Handling a group of employees and keeping all of them disciplined is not so easy, but it is not impossible either.


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