14 Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics In Education

An argumentative essay is designed to have a student thoroughly investigate every possible feature of a topic, analyze the results and finally formulate an opinion on the subject matter. One must pay careful attention to the topic they select, a topic can seem like a good one until further investigation reveals it to be lacking in material. Here are 14 outstanding argumentative essay topics in education:

  1. Homework is harmful to a young student and should be reduced or eliminated altogether.
  2. Homework amounts should be increased to discourage a student from engaging in too many online activities.
  3. The easy availability of the internet makes students lazy and incapable of independent function.
  4. Teachers should be allowed to have intimate relationships with students if the students are of legal age.
  5. The science syllabus should be changed the instant new discoveries are made to help familiarize students with the way science works.
  6. The recent trends in business practices are very focused on networking to the point that its almost mandatory and this has affected the way students are expected to complete their school projects. This practice should be changed since it excludes a large fraction of the population who work better alone.
  7. Educational systems and syllabuses are too rigid, focused too much on memorizing of facts. It should be changed to a system that first discovers the natural abilities of each individual and then adapt the education process to suit individual traits.
  8. Men are better suited, because of differences in physiology, to the understanding of certain academic studies, with women being better suited to others.
  9. Math should be taught in an applied format from the moment a student is introduced to the subject. This may enable students to actually develop a liking for this subject.
  10. If science was not initially taught in a format that involves memorizing of facts and figures, many students would grow up to become scientists instead of pursuing business related careers.
  11. Mixed-sex schools are the main reason for teenage pregnancies and this structure should be eliminated from the educational system.
  12. Schools should develop programs that make it easier for parents to be become involved in their child’s academic activities.
  13. All schools should contain a religious element to allow students to develop spiritually as well as academically.
  14. The present evaluation systems used in most educational institutes use average scores from many different subjects to determine whether or not a student has done well. This practice results in the loss of many geniuses.

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