Create A Compare And Contrast Essay On Death Of A Salesman: Basic Instructions

How many times you were tempted to copy your assignment from the internet, because you could not find anything to write? This happens even to the best of students, because not everyone is talented in literature. To create a good essay you don’t need only commitment, but also knowledge about the subject and dedication to work for a few hours. Since you already have the topic of your paper, you have to focus on how to create the text itself. These basic instructions will help you with your assignment:

  • To create a compare and contrast essay you have to find two different elements to analyze. One of the elements is Death of a Salesman, therefore you need to find another theatre play to introduce in your paper. Remember that the items should be connected in a way, so you can easily find common or different points. If you don’t know any other piece that could fit perfectly in your project, ask help from your professor.
  • Discuss the moral reasons behind this. There is no piece of literature that was written for the only purpose of entertainment. Always, the authors have a reason in mind, some moral lessons that they want to share or a life experience that they want to present to the public. You have to be very open minded to observe these ideas but once you do, it will be easy to introduce them in your text.
  • Choose a few acts to discuss. You have a limited number of pages that you can write therefore you can not analyze each act and search for common points with another paper. You need to choose some key moments that you will focus on, and ignore the details that are not relevant for the action.
  • Present the major themes. This is one of the basic requirements when you discuss about a piece of literature. In this particular case, you can talk about order, chaos, and other similar concepts. Also, you can emphasize in what way the situation presented in the play is similar to the society we live in. Do you think that some people live in denial?
  • Choose the appropriate structure. For this kind of assignment the structure plays a very important role. Make sure that you arrange properly all the similarities and differences.

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