Choosing A Compare And Contrast Essay Topic On Credit Cards Vs Paying Cash

There are more and more economists talking about our global economic future in terms of a “cashless society.” The benefits or downside of such a society could be debated for decades to come. In the meantime, however, just such as society may sneak up on us. Would this be a good thing or not?

The debate over use of credit cards vs the use of cash is an old one that has been discussed on and on ad nauseam. This doesn’t stop instructors and professors from assigning it as a general topic for essays, theses or dissertations. So how do you go about finding a topic for your essay that hasn’t been “done to death” already?

It can be tough, there’s no doubt about that. But it can be done. Here are a few examples to help get your brainstorming started:

  • Should we use credit cards or pay in cash? Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages to a global market
  • The convenience of credit cards vs the no-interest of cash. Does the savings in interest with cash outweigh the ease of transactions using credit cards?
  • Which builds debt faster, use of credit cards or use of cash? Compare and contrast the effect of each on consumer spending
  • Which is best for teenagers, credit cards or cash? Analyze which medium of purchasing power best fits the teenage mindset
  • Compare and contrast the role of credit cards vs the role of cash in the foreclosure crisis
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using cash vs credit cards when making major purchases, such as automobiles or houses
  • Which is better for building a FICO score: using cash or using credit cards? Compare and contrast the role of a high FICO score vs an absence of a score or a low score
  • Does credit card use vs paying cash increase student debt at graduation?
  • Compare and contrast the likelihood of identity theft when using cash vs credit card use
  • Compare and contrast use of credit card vs use of debit card as cash
  • Cashless society vs traditional cash-in-hand society: compare and contrast the basic tenets of each as a societal norm
  • Advantages and disadvantages of credit card purchasing and cash purchasing in the age of the Internet
  • Compare and contrast role of credit card use vs cash in occurrence of bankruptcy
  • What motivates spending more, the availability of credit cards or cash?
  • Compare and contrast the use of credit cards vs cash in men vs women

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