Top 22 Thought-Provoking Narrative Essay Topics About Fear

There is one common element that binds all the species of this world; that is fear. You can see it in the eye of the deer as the lion stares at it from a distance. You can feel it in the drone of a pug as the Alsatian comes in close quarters.

Fear rules

While other animals generally fear mortality or wounds, humans extend that to ridiculous boundaries; they fear that they mail fail in exams; they fear that they may not perform to expectation on the bed, they fear that they may not get money after having completed a freelance assignment. Fear breeds us even as we breed it.

If you wish to get allegorical an interesting connotation son mental traits, I must suggest I’ve found this site that parlays it with grit and enquiry. It is an evocative command when it comes to writing narrative essays that reek of fear and dread.

Tracing dreadful corners

Since the pieces are generally personal in nature, you can conjure scintillating writing prompts and go the creative way through the whole paper. A writer finds mirth in the most desolate corners. Here are 22 captivating narrative essay topics based on fear for your reference

  1. That fearful night in the shack!
  2. How to win over fear from death?
  3. Why do we fear the inevitable, since it will happen anyway?
  4. Which is the most deep-set emotion of our heart: Love or fear?
  5. The fear that terrorists generate in common societies
  6. The best thing to fear is fear itself
  7. How to overcome fear of heights?
  8. How to foster the capacity of translating fear into hope?
  9. Does the fear of going downhill inhibit certain people to reach the top?
  10. Does our ingrained fear of possibilities strengthen antinational elements?
  11. The fearful train journey that I will never forget in my life
  12. The dread that Mathematics bring about in the lives of students
  13. The bravado with which old women handle newborn babies: here is their fear?
  14. Does the fear of losing loved ones influence certain people to keep distance?
  15. Fear the lizard; not the snake?
  16. Does fear connect all species – a look-in to activities during severe thunderstorm?
  17. Why do we naturally respect fearless leaders?
  18. Fear is an illusion and yet is the most apparent reality of our lives
  19. The man in my life – How he had the capacity to dilute my fears
  20. The traumatic side of fear – how it leads to suicides
  21. I fear; therefore I am
  22. How fear is directly proportional to intelligence

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