A List Of Good Five-Paragraph Essay Topics On Aristotle

If you need to speak about such a great personality as Aristotle, it makes sense to choose a topic that is rather narrow, not letting you lose your main direction. That is, if you decide to write a good five-paragraph essay on ideas or concepts of this incredible personality, you can dive too deeply for a regular essay. Make sure that you have chosen a rather precise direction and that you understand the limits of your research quite well.

If you want to write something outstanding, choose topics that uncover the personality behind Aristotle’s philosophical and scientific achievements. Still, make sure that you are using reliable sources of information. If you are more interested researching his scientific contribution, choose one of the spheres he explored and compare his point of view to what we know now.

If you have problems choosing a good interesting topic, search in libraries and on the Web. As well, you can take advantage of the list given below.

  1. Plato and Aristotle: a dispute on reality.
  2. The mutual attitude between Plato and Aristotle through different episodes of their lives.
  3. The Aristotle’s concept of wisdom and ways one can acquire it.
  4. Aristotle’s influence on the scholastic tradition of the European Catholic Church.
  5. Aristotle as “The First Teacher” among medieval Muslim thinkers.
  6. Aristotle’s theory of dreams and his perception of a sleeping personality.
  7. The difference between Aristotle’s idea of a political community and the one the humanity has now.
  8. “Eudemonia”, or happiness, as Aristotle’s idea of the aim of all human activities and actions.
  9. Aristotle’s influence on the Hellenistic medicine.
  10. Aristotle and his teachers, successors and pupils.
  11. Aristotle’s idea of the immaterial soul and its connection to the body.
  12. Aristotle’s Idea as a precise embodiment of Beauty, which is a principle of world arrangement.
  13. Aristotle’s basic concept of space and time.
  14. Aether as the fifth element proposed by Aristotle to the existing four offered by Empedocles.
  15. Aristotle’s hierarchy of animals as a basic classification.
  16. What can you say about Aristotle, comparing him to his tutor Plato and to Plato’s tutor Socrates?
  17. What’s the difference between the Aristotle’s concept of eudemonia and our idea of happiness today.
  18. Aristotle as a philosopher who calls philosophy a whole system of scientific knowledge.
  19. Aristotle’s concept of a divine being as an unmoved mover, a start of everything in the Universe.
  20. Speak about Aristotle as the man behind a philosopher.

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