Comparison Of Two Religions

Christianity and Islam are the main conflicting religions that are commonly compared in the world today. The two are very different but yet have a lot in common. For instance, both have their roots tracing back to Abraham. Both religions believe to be the descendants of Abraham. The main similarity is that both believe in the importance of religion in the community. Religion plays a significant role in guiding the way of life for believers in both of these religions. Christians and Islam believe in the scripture, revelation, and resurrection of the dead and God’s message. Despite these similarities, Christianity and Islam have significant differences that cannot be overlooked and that make the two different religions. However, it is crucial to be careful when looking at these differences to avoid a situation where you indulge in some religious immaturity.

Understanding of God

It is clear that both of these religions believe in one God. However, the nature in which the two religions conceptualize this one God is different. Muslims believe in “tawhid” which they take to mean as an absolute unity. This means that they believe in only one God/Allah. They believe that God is entirely and sublimely one. Therefore, there is no distinction within Godhead. On the other hand, the Christians also believe in one God. However, they have what is called the Trinity. By adopting the Trinity in their teachings, Christians differ in caricature with the Muslims about the understanding of God. It is as if Christians believe in three Gods by believing in the holy trinity.

Understanding of sin and salvation

Though both of these religions believe there are sin and salvation, they differ greatly concerning the original and inherited sin. According to the Christians, when a child is born, they come with the traditional sin inherited from Adam and Eve. On the other hand, the Muslims do not believe in the inherited original sin. They believe that Adam and Eve sinned but asked for forgiveness and were forgiven. There is, therefore, nothing like an inherited original sin in Islamic.

The religious community

Both of these religions believe in a better community through religion. However, they have significant differences on how the community can be influenced by religion. For example, Christians have tried to spread Christianity by making translations of the Bible into different languages. As for the Muslims, you have to learn Arabic so as to follow Islam. They consider Arabic as a sacred language and Muslims should perfect in it.


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