Picking Cause And Effect Essay Topics: How To Come Up With Interesting Ideas

One of the ways of organizing and discussing ideas is contrasting causes and effects. In such kind of essays you are to explain how certain events and circumstances are connected with emerging of other conditions or events. Cause and effect essays develop such qualities of brain as critical thinking, logics, ability to establish genuine links between notions.

When choosing a topic of such kind of an essay, first think about its purpose. Decide if you are going to inform or to persuade. It will influence the formulation of the title. Focus on the topics that show direct and close relations between causes and effects. Choose the topic that is interesting and clear to you and actual for the society. Be ready to do some research work: study and compare different sources of information, analyze data and make conclusions, interview people. Although this type of essays is called “Cause and effect”, in reality there are four patterns of their organization, each demanding different approaches in writing:

  • Cause/ Effect topics.
  • Cause topics.
  • Effect topics.
  • Causal Chains/Domino.

Keep in mind that the effect topics and the cause/effect topics are easier in writing, because effects are the results of certain actions and situations and are more or less clearly seen. All you need to do is to gather information, analyze it and organize in some proper way, make conclusions. The cause topics demand investigation and thorough analysis, because causes often lie underneath the events, may be contradictory and have different degrees of importance. The most difficult and interesting are the causal chains/domino essays that also require investigation and analysis, but on several levels, showing the interrelation between different factors that led to the present day situation.

Here is the list of possible topics of cause and effect essays:

  1. The effects of abusive relationships in the family.
  2. A one-child family: the effects on society.
  3. The causes of bulling in schools.
  4. The causes and effects of children`s obesity.
  5. The effects of the habit of cheating on your future life and career.
  6. The causes and effects of globalization.
  7. The causes and reasons of teenagers` misbehave.
  8. Negative thinking: its effects on personality.
  9. What affects our immunity?
  10. The effects of poverty on a human`s intelligence.
  11. Why do we spend more and more time in social networks?
  12. The effects of social networks on our communicative skills.
  13. The internal and external causes of decreasing oil prices.
  14. Global warming and growing risk of skin cancer.

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