20 Good Ideas For A One Page Essay: Expert Suggestions

During you education career you will often be given a writing assignment that seems vague and you may struggle to determine what the instructor had for assigning that work. When you are looking for topics for a one page writing task, consider these twenty good ideas and you will soon have something to write on that works for you.

  1. Tell the story of you and your best friend met and developed into best buddies
  2. Tell the story of when you did something very brave in your life or something that required you to do something you were not comfortable doing
  3. Discuss the special qualities that you admire in your parents or grandparents
  4. Provide examples on how to overcome your fears and do things you have never tried
  5. Tell the story of a moment when your life seemed to change direction
  6. Write about your favorite place in the world and why it is special to you
  7. Talk about a failure in your life and why it helped shape who you are today
  8. Discuss a period of time that you particularly enjoy and why it is special to you now
  9. Examine the happiest moment in your life and why this particular moment stands out more than any other event
  10. Discuss a favorite hobby, sport and activity and why you take pleasure in participating in this particular activity
  11. Choose your favorite superhero and discuss why they are your favorite
  12. Tell the story of your favorite pet and how they came to be in your life
  13. Choose a country where you would like to live and tell why you choose that particular location
  14. Discuss an invention that you have created or would like to create if you had the funding you needed
  15. Discuss your favorite vacation and why that location was special for you
  16. Tell the story of a secret love that you had in your life and why it remained a secret
  17. Write about your personal values and why your own integrity is so valuable
  18. Tell about a time when you needed a hug and the person who was there for you
  19. Talk about a near death experience you or someone close to you may have had
  20. Discuss UFOs and whether you think they exist

No matter which topic you choose each one of these twenty are a good idea for a one page essay.


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