20 Great Example Process Essay Topics: Fresh Ideas For Writing

Along with persuasive and informative essays, process essays are becoming favorite assignments with today’s instructors. These used to be known as “how-to” papers, but students would often write about cooking a recipe or making a piece of furniture. By changing the name of the essay style, writers have been inclined to create topics with more sophistication. Here are some topics for process papers that are fresh and new:

  • How to be a good driver when the weather does not cooperate
  • How to become a burned-out student (a course for teachers)
  • How to land a job interview for your dream job
  • How to show gratitude
  • How to make and keep friends
  • How to live completely debt-free using only cash
  • How to break a bad habit in two weeks or less
  • How to break up without being a jerk
  • How to get a scholarship
  • How to write a flawless paper for any class
  • How to develop an idea and see it through
  • How to get good grades in school
  • How to live without watching television
  • How to plan a family vacation
  • How to self-publish an ebook so people can find it and buy it
  • How to learn a foreign language so you can actually use it
  • How to make your own app to sell
  • How to live a “green” lifestyle without going off of the grid
  • How to choose a book that you will actually finish reading
  • How to get along with everyone you meet

Choosing a process essay topic can be tricky because there are so many topics that are cliche. Even though the topics begin with the words “how to” the essays should not be written like a list of steps. There should be some narration to the essay so that it is interesting to read. Many of the best process papers also include some reflection so the reader can connect with the writer.

As you craft your process paper, you should begin with a brief outline. Include the important steps that the reader needs, then break them up with narration and reflection to bring those steps to life. A strongly written process paper can seem more like a memoir or another type of narrative paper. When you combine the learning aspects of the process paper with the story-telling aspects of the narrative essay, you have a paper that should earn a top grade.


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