A List Of Controversial Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

When you write an essay, you want to be appreciated by people around you. This means that you need to be innovative and to come up with something new. No one will be impressed if you analyze the same old, well known issue. A compare and contrast essay can get a lot of attention if the topic is interesting enough. This list of controversial topics will make everyone listen to you:

  • Gay marriage. This subject was discussed very often in the last years. Religious and conservative people think that this is against human nature, while other say that it is absolutely normal. Some countries legalized same sex marriage, but others will apply the death penalty even if you only have a relationship with a same sex partner. Compare these two situations.
  • Third world country labor and slavery. These things seem to be completely different, right? Well, if you analyze them you will see that they actually have a lot in common. Human rights are not respected and people can die of exhaustion. Of course, the employers do not care as long as their business is successful.
  • Abortion and murder. It is a very sensitive topic, but it can bring you the attention that you want. Even if the pregnancy is still only a few weeks old, the child is formed and alive. In this case, how is abortion any different from murder? Why one of them is legal, and one of them isn’t?
  • Cigarettes and drugs. We all know that drugs cause addiction and they are illegal in most of the countries. However, how are cigarettes less harmful? Why we are allowed to smoke, but we are not allowed to use drugs? This can turn into a very powerful debate in your country, and it can raise a sign of alarm about the dangers of smoking.
  • Sugar and cocaine. Before you laugh, you have to know that the same procedure is used to obtain both of them. Also, both of them can cause addiction. There are many studies that show that we can become addicted to sugar, and that it is very dangerous for our health.
  • Communism and capitalism. Apparently, they have nothing in common. However, if you analyze the doctrines carefully you might discover that we do not live in the perfect world that you imagined.

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