A List Of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics On Death Penalty

Argumentative essays: love them or hate them, they’re a staple in many college courses. When it comes to hot-button issues, like the death penalty, you’re bound to encounter some assignment, many times an argumentative essay. Some students relish the opportunity to voice their particular opinion, but others have a hard time just narrowing down where to start.

When choosing a topic for an argumentative essay, it’s important that, when presenting your opinion, you don’t veer off into the territory of an opinion piece. Of course, any argument you present is likely to be, at the very least, slightly biased in favor of your opinion, it’s the careful balance of opinion and a structured presentation of evidence in favor of your argument that bring everything more toward the persuasive essay territory.

The death penalty is such a broad topic that encompasses subjects like human rights, the judicial system, medicine, law practice, history, politics, and even religion, among others. With so many directions to take, where do you even begin your argument?

Here’s a short list to help get you on your way:

  • How compatible is the death penalty for members of religious communities?
  • How humane are the methods of execution in the United States?
  • What effect have current statutes and pharmaceutical limitations had on the death penalty?
  • How much of a say should pharmaceutical companies get in determining how their products can or cannot be used where execution is concerned?
  • Should a prisoner be allowed more choices for execution?
  • Is there really a benefit to continuing with the death penalty?
  • When is the death penalty an appropriate sentence?
  • Should minors be allowed to receive a death sentence?
  • Should a sentence of death only be handed out by the unanimous decision?
  • Why does the United States still have the death penalty when so many other allied nations have abolished it?
  • Does the death penalty even work as a deterrent?
  • Is it ethical to execute a convict if they are deemed insane?
  • Is “life without the possibility of parole” a suitable alternative to a death sentence?

In the United States, the argument for or against the death penalty is a heated one. There are those that staunchly oppose it, those who fully support it, and, those who support it in some instances. It’s a debate that doesn’t look like it will be dying down anytime soon. In the meantime, it provides ample topics to write about with a veritable smorgasbord of areas to focus your argument from.


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