Racism In The United States Of America

It is generally accepted that the human race evolved somewhere in central Africa many thousands of years ago. A relatively small group broke of from the others and gradually evolved into humanity as we know it. This group was fairly nomadic and over time some groups spread to other parts of the planet so that nowadays there are human beings on every continent of the world. These different places had their own climates and these spurred further forms of evolution. While the first humans had dark skin to cope with the harsh rays of the sun, later humans lost a great deal of their pigment and developed other features more suited to their new homes. Some even recovered their pigment after several generations such as the Aborigines of Australia. With this in mind, racism may seem like a less sensible concept yet it persists, even in the land of the free. Here are a few ways that it manifests.

Lack of respect

There are ethnic groups that are subjected to racism that comes in the form of stereotypes of weakness. They may be expected to excel in academia while being denied most romantic opportunities. Asian male actors for instance are very rarely cast as the lead in major films or TV shows. They are most often given roles which are supporting with very few opportunities to be seen as sex symbols. This can reinforce existing stereotypes.

Exclusion from certain opportunities

The issue of racism pops up in the workplace as well. There are some minority groups that are considered to be less hardworking than the majority although this may not be backed up by any real evidence. In such cases, if two candidates have identical resumes but one of them has a name that is associated with the minority group, that one will be ignored or viewed less favorably.

Overt Hostility

This expression of racism is most devastating. There have been cases where people who were believed to be of Middle Eastern descent were subjected to physical abuse. Even the police force in America has been regularly accused of mistreating or even killing males of African descent. This is part of a long line of very violent racist attacks that have never fully been dealt with.

Racism is a very deep problem. It does not end with a single act or election. The only way to fix the problem is to acknowledge that it still exists.


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