Celebrity Role Models

Role models are some persons who by reason of personal accomplishments or some other claim to popularity and fame command other people’s attention. Role models are looked upon as sources of inspiration for the younger generation. Role models are influential people not by virtue of authority but by reason of fame or some personal achievements.

Who Celebrity Role Models are

A celebrity role model is a role model who is very famous by reason of the glamour associated with his or her profession. Celebrity role models abound in sports and entertainment as well as in some other disciplines. Sports and entertainment in particular produce a lot of celebrity role models by reason of their vast audiences and glamorous nature. Celebrity role models are highly successful and mostly rich people and most kids would like to be like them.

Influential Power of Celebrity Role Models

Everyone aspires to be rich, famous and successful. This is the basic dream of nearly every individual. This basic human desire is especially strong among kids and youth of every society. Because celebrities have already achieved what most people aspire to do, people naturally look up to them as sources of inspiration. This is because society attaches so much importance to being rich and successful and in most cases, it seems the end justifies the means.

There is a tendency for the media to glamourize celebrities and present them as flawless demigods showcased for ecstatic adulation. In doing this, their basic flaws and human frailties is downplayed or ignored outright in order to satisfy the guzzling media machines that are built around them for commercial purposes. This at once creates a danger, especially for the inexperienced kids and youths who swallow the lie hook, line and sinker.

The Good and Bad Celebrity Role Models

The truth is that talent and success alone is not all that defines what is worthwhile in human life. Much more important are virtue and moral uprightness; upholding the best of societal norms and values. Let’s face it, there are good celebrity role models and there are others that are bad role models. Good celebrity role models have tremendous potential to positively help shape the lives of kids and youths in order to achieve greatness.

However, unfortunately the converse is equally true: bad celebrity role models can as well make total ruinsof many who copy them and end up getting trapped in an illusory world that is as slippery as it is destructive. In view of the inexperience and lack of discriminatory wisdom among kids and youths, the onus lies on individual parents to properly guide their children in making the choice of who to look up to for influence.


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