Auditing Personal Devices Through Lawful Utilization Of Mobile Phones

The research paper highlights the significance of auditing personal devices and suggesting their users how they can avoid various security and technological issues while using their devices. The audit of personal devices is conducted to examine the lawful utilization of mobile phones, tablets and other devices. It helps the individuals, organizations and government institutions to know the exact situation of cell phones and mobile device management and utilization. The audit process is also helpful to assess the applicability of policies, procedures and guidelines for consistency and completeness. The rapid use of digital devices in communities and organizations has become the major challenge for auditors. The utilization of personal devices needs to be lawful and according to the norms and regulations of societies and organizations. Personal devices including cell phones, Smartphone, tablets and other digital devices have become an effective source of communicating and engaging with citizens and consumers. According to 2014 independent global study, user satisfaction with digital devices indicates that they are showing confidence with online government services.

The Audit of Personal Devices to ensure their Social and Ethical Use

The audit of personal devices can be executed during specific period of time to determine the processes and controls of these devices on mobile android platforms. It examines the utilization of personal devices or cell phones on the basis of their issuance, activation, and change control management, deactivation and departmental management. The use of personal devices with mobile android platforms has increased in all businesses and organizations. The availability of this technology has caused some social and ethical issues within the society and organizations. Though the adoption of new technology is essential to ensure growth, but technologically updated devices are causing security issues for several organizations. The management should arrange internal audit to determine the secure and ethical use of personal devices on mobile android platforms.

The Rapid Growth of Technology and Audit of Personal Devices

The rapid advances of technology and their continuous application in personal and business life has strengthened the need to have their audit to make sure their ethical and legal use. It is necessary to understand the risks that are associated with mobile computing in organizational life and personal life where mobile android devices are used in daily life of their activities. The demand for internal auditors has increased to understand positive and negative implications of their utilization of technology as well as assessment of risks, mobile device policy and usage. Security of the personal devices in android technology is the major concern for auditors. Most of the personal device users have reported anti-malware and the firewall issues related to their android mobile platforms. The widespread use of mobile devices and their accompanying risks have become the major areas of concern for auditors that they can never ignore it to propose best solutions for personal devices.


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