Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of therapy which makes use of a process of creation that makes this type of therapy improve people’s physical and mental state as well as the emotional well-being.

The Meaning of Art Therapy

The creative process helps the expression of one’s self in an artistic way which can make people solve different problems as well as manage their emotions, reducing stress, and improving self-esteem as well as awareness. You do not have to be an artist in order to receive its benefits. There are still professionals who can express artistic messages through their art, which will be helpful in the healing process.

Art therapy might express itself differently for all people. Art therapy is employed for counseling by therapists for healing people while providing treatment through psychotherapy, and in its deeper sense, art therapy is also employed in order to express one’s inner-self while providing each person with a deeper understanding of his or her soul.

What an Art Therapist Does

Art therapy refers to the creation of beautiful things in order to increase awareness of one self and of the others. This in time might promote personal development, increase different skills, as well as enhance the cognitive function. Art therapy is centered on some personality theories, human development, psychology as well as family systems, in addition to art education. Art therapists are the ones who must be trained in art as well as psychological therapy. Art therapists are the ones trained to choose nonverbal symbols as well as metaphors that are usually expressed through art in the creative process; these are concepts that are often difficult to express in words. It is through this artistic process that the individual really starts to see those effects of art therapy as well as the discovery that can be made through art.

Forms of Art Therapy

Music, art as well as dance might be the main expressions for this type of therapy. Music therapy can be a mixture of playing instruments, or listening to music, in addition to singing. Dance therapy uses both dance and movement. Art therapy can blend drawing, coloring, painting and sculpting together in addition to everything else you can consider artistic. These are many things that people love to do as their hobbies, so why not use it to express yourself in an artistic manner?


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