Good Ways To Come Up With An Essay Topic On Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happen no matter how much we try to prevent them, and this is partially our fault. People pollute the planet without realizing that this will have severe consequences later. An essay on this theme will not only give you more information about this issues, but it will also help your colleagues understand how they can protect themselves and the ones around them if something bad happens. These are some ideas that you can consider for your essay:

  • - The biggest hurricanes in the last years. Many of your classmates might not know what disasters happened in the world, especially if they happened on other continents. However, telling them about this can help them see how severe the problem is.

  • - Security measures. Something bad can happen in any moment, and everyone needs to be ready for this. Of course, you don’t have to build a shelter under the ground but you can learn what are the things that will keep you safe. For example, how can you protect yourself in the home if there is an earthquake?

  • - Global warming. Even though this phenomenon is obvious for everyone, there are some people who simply don’t believe in it. This means that they will also not understand why they have to change their attitude towards the environment. Explain this and what disasters could this cause in the next years.

  • - High risk areas. There are some countries where earthquakes are something normal, and the buildings are designed from elastic materials. Explain, with pictures and videos, why there are more earthquakes in this area.

  • - Tsunami. For sure your colleagues know what happened a few years ago when a Tsunami hit Asia, but they don’t know why and how this happened. You can explain the causes and the consequences of this.
  • - Are natural disasters caused by humans? Even if some things happen naturally, others are triggered by pollution and changes in the geology of the planet. Humans obviously have everything to do with this, so how can we prevent them?

  • - Ways to detect future natural disasters. Some animals can feel if there will be an earthquake in the next hours, so they are used in laboratories and supervised all the time. What other ways can we use to know if something bad is going to happen?

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