Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas is a famous writer. Nicholas Sparks was born in the year 1965 in late December. He was born in Omaha in the United States. Nicholas Sparks later with his family lived in North Carolina. Nicholas had the motivation to write as early as in his youth. The motivation was a sparkled by his mother who believed in Nicholas. When Nicholas was still studying, he wrote some books but he did not have funds. Due to the lack of finances, the books were unpublished. After he was through with college, Nicholas Sparks wanted to work closely and consult with publishers in order to boost his talent but his attempt failed as he faced rejection. Nicholas Sparks also wanted to enroll and study law in law school. Unfortunately, his request did not succeed as he was rejected yet again. In 1990, however, Nicholas Sparks succeeded in co-writing a book with one of the famous writers in those times, Billy Mills. Since then Nicholas Sparks became a successful writer known and popular in the world. He was able to write several novels.

Nicholas Spark’s Works

Nicholas Sparks became a successful writer of novels after a very long struggle to realize his dream. Some of the novels he wrote include The Lucky one, Dear John, A Walk to Remember,The Last Song, Nights in Rodanthe, The Longest Ride, the Notebook and The Best of Me among others. With time adapting of the works of Nicholas Sparks to movies and films has been done. These are significant achievements. These novels by Nicholas Sparks became some of the best-selling novels. The sale of these novels and increase in sales over time made Nicholas Sparks acquire a lot of money as he made a lot of profits. Other achievements of Nicholas Sparks include charity work. Nicholas Sparks was a man who gave back to the societies that were less fortunate and needed aid. Nicholas Sparks helped in funding projects in the society. He also funded school building projects. Nicholas Sparks also funded scholarship projects for students who wanted to pursue education but lacked resources.

Nicholas Sparks: Controversies

Even with the famous and popular works of Nicholas Sparks, he was allegedly accused of being a racist. He was also accused of anti-Semitism and homophobia. However, Nicholas Sparks has defended himself against the accusations and made a denial to the three. However what makes Nicholas Sparks famous are his works of novel writing and charity.


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