How To Come Up With A Creative Title For An Essay In Literature

The title you give to your literature essay will either make it interesting to read or discourage other people from going beyond the title. This calls for creativity while at the same time sticking to the required academic standards. How do you come up with a captivating title for your paper?

Read the Text Thoroughly

Thorough understanding of the text ignites creativity. You will understand the different perspective and approaches you can give an issue in literature. Read and re-read the text to gain more insight into the ideas discussed. When reading the text, set an intention. For instance, decide to read while paying close attention to themes, stylistics, characters, etc. Purposeful reading will enable you to generate a captivating title.

Read Other Papers

There are numerous excellent essays on the same text or on other texts. Read through these papers to familiarize with title generation for literature papers. Other papers will give you a hint or provide an interesting twist that will make your work captivating. This exposure is crucial in ensuring that you do not repeat what is said by other writers.

Consult Your Tutor

Tutors are very resourceful during different stages of any writing process. Since it is important to begin on the right footing, it is advisable to involve your tutor when selecting the title of your work. This is a chance to tap into their experience considering that they have interacted with numerous papers. This experience will provide vital guidance to eliminate mundane and common titles.

Check Your Wording

It is the words you use that determine the reception your paper will get. Choose words that are recognizable in literature and those that reflect understanding of literary dynamics. At the same time, the words should be specific and give a clear indication of the intentions of your essay.


Try out a few titles before settling for the final one. This gives you a chance to express the same idea in different words until you are satisfied that you have hit the jackpot. In fact, it is advisable that you complete the body of your paper before embarking on the title. You will have a better understanding of the content and perspective that needs to be captured in the title.

The title of your literature essay should be specific and provide insight into the content of your paper. It must give a fresh perspective and be captivating to seasoned literary critiques. It must clearly indicate the text you intend to review.


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